Santa and his elves are busy year round at the North Pole making gifts and getting ready for his Christmas Eve flight.

But we all know that it’s us down here in the southern division that do all the actual planning, organizing, buying, making and baking… not just for the big day but for the entire holiday season.

Wouldn’t you love to have help with all that?

Plan out what you’re going to spend on the holidays long before they get here. Then set up a savings plan to ensure that this year, perhaps for the first time ever, you won’t need to pull out your credit card except for online purchases (which you’ll have the money in the bank to pay off immediately.)

Upon sign up, members of Handmade Homemade Holidays receive a digital Christmas Planner, exclusively designed and available only to members, with worksheets to help create both a spending and a savings plan for everyone and everything on your holiday to-do list.

Cartoon style Santa holding a bag of toys and standing in front of the decorated Christmas tree
Christmas Planner 2020 Binder on a table with a blue pen and a cup of tea.

Gift List Worksheet

  • Make sure everyone gets on your list and no one gets missed

Food Planner Worksheet

  • We all spend extra on food at Christmas from holiday baking to special holiday meals. Use this sheet to estimate how much you’ll need to spend on groceries.

Christmas Spending Plan Worksheet

  • List all your expected holiday expenses so you know how much to save.

Savings Plan Worksheets

  • Several different sheets to choose from. Print off the one that matches your pay cycle.

Christmas Notes and Ideas Worksheet

  • Print off several copies of this sheet. As you come up with more thoughts and ideas for the holidays, write them down and keep them in your planner so you can refer back to them.

Even more worksheets to come!

  • Each month, you’ll receive more worksheets to help you prepare even further for a debt free, stress free, handmade, homemade Christmas.

Two hands wearing green fleece mittens on snow.
Embroidered pattern of the North Pole with snow and pine trees
Two hands holding each other wearing white mittens with blue embroidered design
Three different sizes of drawstring fabric gift bags in various holiday prints.

Not forgetting that this is Handmade Homemade Holidays, each month members are provided with exclusive patterns for handmade projects for gifts and holiday décor to sew, embroider, quilt or craft.

Pictured are just a few of the patterns that members have received during the past year.

As we get closer to the holidays, there will be special online classes, again exclusively for members, for things like:

  • How to Create an Outdoor Planter
  • How to Create Awesome Gift Baskets
  • DIY Festive Floral Arrangements
  • Quick and Easy Food Gifts
  • And even more is being planned to help you make this a Christmas to cherish and remember.

I’d love to have you join us as we create a debt free, stress free, handmade, homemade Christmas.